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Meredith Butler

Meredith Butler

I make the boxes you find on this website to be both decorative and useful. They can be enjoyed entirely for the beauty of the papers in which they are covered and need serve no “useful” purpose. But they can be used to house jewelry, personal keepsakes, coins, stationary, antique pens, or odds and ends. And, of course, they make wonderful gifts.

In my travels around the globe and in cyberspace, I have discovered many delightful and interesting papers – one more beautiful than the next. And that is the way I feel about the boxes I create using these papers.

Currently I make seventeen different styles of boxes – my own designs – using papers from Brazil, England, India, Italy, Nepal, Japan, the United States and Zimbabwe. My materials are all acid-free and preservation quality. I sell these boxes to people who will cherish them on my website, at galleries, fairs, and shows. I also do special orders and unique designs in response to customer requests.

Browse through the Gallery of Boxes and, if you see something that captures your fancy, contact me. To learn more about me, the papers I use, or the boxes, please click on the appropriate tab.